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Dear Conservative Patent Reform Skeptics: Stop Backing the New York Times

The number of Leftist interests and household names lining up to oppose patent reform continues to mount. Now, on top of trial lawyers, university administrators, and the architects of Obamacare, patent reform can add the New York Times op-ed page to their ranks. And not just any op-ed page writer, oh no. No, this particular anti-reform rant comes courtesy of Joe Nocera, the man who has called Tea Partiers “terrorists” and accused Republicans of wanting to poison peoples’ food (despite never having met them until adulthood). Although, as at least one enthusiastic pro-troll blog blared, Nocera has won the Gerald Loeb Award, an award that has gone to the likes of Paul Krugman in 2011, and a veritable who’s who of Leftist polemicists along with him. Hey, I guess some prize is better than no prize. Just ask President Obama about the Nobel Peace Prize.

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