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Time for Congress to act on patent reform

The debate over reforming the U.S. patent system has been underway for years. While both sides argue about why Congress should or should not act, small companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators are being bullied, threatened, and blackmailed into paying thousands of dollars to patent trolls that provide no products or benefits to consumers or the public at large. I started my business, LifeLine Response, to save lives and give families peace of mind. Designed to help people feel safe when walking alone, our app not only tracks a phone user, but it will also sound an alarm and call the police instantly if the user's thumb is removed from the screen.

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UFPR Sends Joint Letter Against PERA to Congress

United for Patent Reform sent a joint letter today to the Senate Judiciary Committee stressing how harmful the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act would be for the patent system and for American compan


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